Monday 20 April 2015

104,500 Miles

Added 1 litre of Castrol Edge 5W30 engine oil as the getting low yellow warning light came on.

Saturday 18 April 2015

104,095 Miles

Calipers obviously sticking so bought 2x new Pagid calipers from EuroCarParts and replced them today.

Remarkably simple job. Wheel off, caliper off, undo brake line union with new caliper close to hand, quickly swap one onto the other, open bleed valve and let brake fluid bleed through and fill new caliper. I had an Easi-Bleed kit to aid with this, but gravity would also work.

Tuesday 7 April 2015

104,000 Miles

Car is now doing what it did before...when going around a left hand bend (before it was right hand bend) the traction control flickers on and off, causing loss of power. Last time it was a new driveshaft/sensor. Great! Can feel it holding back all the time now. Currently I just turn TC off as soon as I start else it's undriveable. And every journey it gives up and flicks the lights on the dash. Not ideal but I can drive it like this until I get it sorted.

Having a look underneath, it does appear that the reluctor ring may be making contact with the sensor, as there is a shiny patch on it.

The official BMW solution is to replace the whole driveshaft as it comes with the reluctor ring already installed on it. They would not replace just the ring. But there is no reason to accept this solution. You can buy aftermarket rings and the job is quite straightforward. All one has to do is remove the driveshaft, remove (cut) the old ring off, heat up the new ring and drop it onto the shaft (maybe add a bit of Loctite for good measure) and refit the driveshaft. Seem SO wasteful throwing away a perfectly good driveshaft just becuase the ring as got a bit corroded or something.

So I have bought a replacement reluctor ring (from UK Parts Direct) and sensor (from GSF). Also bought new driveshaft inner bolts and outer nut. Just need to find the time to get round to doing it now.

Also today, brakes were squealing slightly on way home. Closer inspection, front N/S very hot, caliper probably sticking. Took pins out and copper greased, but they came out easy so suspect it's the piston. More joy.

Friday 20 February 2015

102,400 Miles

Rear window hinge snapped. The boot hinge is a 2-part item, so it hinges and supports the whole tailgate or just the rear glass. Its the bit that supports the rear glass that broke. Its been on its way out for some time, working loose and being re tightened every now and again.

I realised it was starting to fatigue so intended to replace sooner or later, but today, when closing the boot (not just the glass) the hinge finally snapped and the window popped ajar. Luckily opening and reclosing seems to be holding it on to the boot so I can drive until I fix it.

Wednesday 18 February 2015

102,350 Miles

Whilst driving, without anything feeling or behaving wrong, TC, ABS and Brake light came on. Brake one was red.

After keying off and on, all 3 were still present and yellow. Called Deutsche Tech straight away and they were able to collect that same day to have a look (awesome service). When they collected, I started the engine to show the lights and also we noticed the speedometer was moving up and down (car not moving), so obviously an electrical fault.

Not much to say, lights went off on way to garage. Faults showed all 4 wheel sensors and steering wheel angle sensor as faulty which is weird. They reset steering angle sensor and have to see how it goes. Wiring to sensors checked ok. Possible suspect, ABS control module.

Saturday 7 February 2015

101,900 Miles

Added 1 litre of Castrol Edge 5W30 engine oil as the getting low yellow warning light came on.

Tuesday 6 January 2015

100,250 Miles

I had to travel about 100 miles down a motorway (and back). It soon become aparent that the car didn't feel right on the new tyres. Basically an out of balance vibration feeling when getting up to motorway speeds (60-70mph). So I slowed it down and did the whole journey at 60mph (paranoid about loosing another tyre).

Also noted a pulsating sensation when going round corners rather slowly, that pulsed in time with wheel rotation.

When I got to my destination I thought I would quickly drop the car into a tyre fitter just to have the wheel balance checked. They didn't take long having a look at the car and didn't even bother taking the wheels off.

The verdict was that the buckles (especially front right) were quite defined and causing the vibration and also that pulsing sensation when turning (as it rolled over the buckle). Also the amount of corrosion (bubbling paint) would make it difficult to stick the weights to the wheel to balance them.

So I am now faced with either refurbishing my wheels or sourcing another set of better condition wheels. Joy.

And this needs to be done ASAP as all the time I am still driving around on unbalanced, potentially unsealed or iminently unseald wheels in danger or loosing more tyres.