Tuesday 6 January 2015

100,250 Miles

I had to travel about 100 miles down a motorway (and back). It soon become aparent that the car didn't feel right on the new tyres. Basically an out of balance vibration feeling when getting up to motorway speeds (60-70mph). So I slowed it down and did the whole journey at 60mph (paranoid about loosing another tyre).

Also noted a pulsating sensation when going round corners rather slowly, that pulsed in time with wheel rotation.

When I got to my destination I thought I would quickly drop the car into a tyre fitter just to have the wheel balance checked. They didn't take long having a look at the car and didn't even bother taking the wheels off.

The verdict was that the buckles (especially front right) were quite defined and causing the vibration and also that pulsing sensation when turning (as it rolled over the buckle). Also the amount of corrosion (bubbling paint) would make it difficult to stick the weights to the wheel to balance them.

So I am now faced with either refurbishing my wheels or sourcing another set of better condition wheels. Joy.

And this needs to be done ASAP as all the time I am still driving around on unbalanced, potentially unsealed or iminently unseald wheels in danger or loosing more tyres.