Wednesday 7 August 2013

70,774 Miles - ABS Pressure Sensor

Yellow ABS/Traction Control light illuminated on the dashboard during driving. When keying off and on it would be gone but would soon come back on.

Whilst this yellow warning light is illuminated, it is telling you there is a problem somewhere in the ABS/Traction Control system and it has been disabled until the problem is rectified. So even though I could continue to drive, unhindered, it would be unwise as I would effectively have no ABS or stability control to keep me out of trouble.

Took it to Fensomes in Luton, a BMW specialist, who quickly diagnosed a faulty ABS pressure sensor which is relatively easy to change, being located in the ABS module in the scuttle in the engine bay. It would just require draining a small amount of brake fluid.

Sensor changed.